Use These Supplements to Increase Lean Muscle Mass and Burn Fats

ID-100352647If you are a bodybuilder, you probably have gone through a number of fitness magazines that bombard you with a ton of supplements to buy or use. Most of these supplements work well and are popular in bodybuilding circles all over the world. Others are heavily marketed but in a real sense, they do not deliver on what they promise to. Some of them, however, are cheap, safe, and very effective. Among the effective ones are these three bodybuilding supplements that will help you increase lean muscle mass and burn fats.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide can be found naturally in leafy greens such as lettuce, rocket, and many other vegetables. After you ingest any of these greens that contain nitrate molecules orally, they get reduced to nitrite, then nitric oxide. This supplement is important in that it helps during pre-workout sessions and cardiovascular protection. What this product does in your body is it increases mitochondrial efficiency. The result of this is increased endurance during workouts. This product also plays a major role in promoting muscle growth, increasing muscle lean, and burning fats.


Creatine is a prototype ergogenic supplement used in the bodybuilding world. This supplement, when used, causes a huge increase in water and energy stored in your body. The resulting effect of this is you will have more energy to work out and that your muscles will grow bigger. Also, you will be able to burn fats and increase muscle lean. Though creatine does not contribute much to muscle growth, the fact that it increases the levels of energy in your body and allows you to lift heavier weights and work out longer makes it a very good supplement. As mentioned, creatine also leads to an increase in the amount of water stored in your body. This water is then replaced by actual muscle mass, which then leads to a more muscular body. If you compare two people, one who uses creatine and the other does not, you will notice that the one who uses this supplement will have a greater rate of muscle growth and strength gain over time courtesy of greater work capacity.


L-arginine supplements have a similar effect to nitric oxide ones. This supplement, which is a conditional amino acid, is used by athletes to increase endurance during heavy physical activities. Also, this supplement promotes muscle growth, increases muscle lean, and burns fats.

Therefore, promote the growth of your muscles, increase muscle lean, and burn fats by using these three bodybuilding supplements.



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